Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Some snowy pictures

Here are a few of our snowy pictures. I really didn't get many good ones, because I couldn't locate my batteries for my camera. See, they were on the charger, were they belong, and guess what they disappeared. I asked the boys, who were at my sisters house, and they said "Oh, they are in our dart guns." Well, I ask myself the silly question, "Why didn't I know that. DUH!"" Silly Mom.

At any rate we got bunches of snow. I didn't get an official number of inches from anyone so I'll go with Ms. Karen who says something like 11-12 inches. Let me just tell you it was crazy. I worked until 4 p.m. yesterday. See, I work at a gas station/convenience store, and about 3 p.m. the police came in and ordered that we close. They said we were putting lives in danger because we were open. People just can't stay home. It is crazy. THe snow plows were even stopped from plowing. The police were pulling people over, because we were under a level 3 emergency, which means, no one is to be on the roads except for emergancy vehicles, and when they'd stop someone they'd tell them they were headed to Pak-A-Sak. WEll, we closed with the intention of opening this morning at 8am. NOT!!! No one could get out of their driveways. We eventually opened at about noon. It was non stop busy too, people really just can't stand to stay at home I guess. I would have loved to be at home with my family during this, we think it is fun to be snowed in together.

Let me share a funny with you all. You know you live in a hick town when this happens. Okay, I'm the assistant manager of our store. So it was going to be the manager, myself and 1 other employee to open the store this morning. Well, we couldn't drive down my street, therefore, I was snow bound and couldn't get to work. Kendra, the manager, was able to get out of her street, and pick up the other girl, they thought they'd just pick me up also, and we'd go together. NOT!!! There was absolutey no getting down my street. Well, she couldn't get to anyone elses house either, so there fore the store would not open until I was there with them. It would have been suicide to open with just 2 people. So here goes Kendra to the police department, to ask them to have the street department plow my street so I can get to work, and guess what they did. Not much after she asked them, my street was plowed. Isn't that funny. Well, work was pretty exciting today.

The rundown on the pictures. (I plan to take more tomorrow, the piles of snow are unbelievable intown.)

#1.) The fort my kids carved out of the snow from the driveway, which my husband worked so hard at clearing (continually) so I could get in it yesterday afternoon.

#2) The sidewalk to my front door, see how deep the snow is?!

#3)The house across the street, see how high the snow is to the house. Oh, can you see the street, it is in there also. This taken from my front porch, and there really is a street in there, Honest. You can hardly tell where cars had driven yesterday. Also, this street was plowed yesterday also.

#4)The snow drift next to the house across the street, it was over the fence.

#5) That path is our sidewalk.


Robin said...

WOW! How exciting. Course just looking at it makes me cold! Too bad you couldn't be at home with your family during all the fun.

staceyhoff said...

Oh my kids would love it at your house!! ;) Hang in there, with all that snow!
<3 Stacey

Grafted Branch said...

That is a crazy amount of snow! I have to remember that you're in Indiana, not Florida (because you come up as Winter Park Florida on my sitemeter).

I miss snow.

O.k., I'm over it.

Husband and I did live through the "hundred-year storm" when we lived in Salt Lake City -- the plowed snow was easily 7 feet high in front of house.