Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tacos for breakfast?!

***This is what I'm watching while I am trying to nurse this migraine, and post at the same time. Austin made this one day this week, while out of school because of the snow. My two younger boys are playing some sort of game, running through the house like this. God definately gave me some creative little guys.
Okay, that is what I am eating as I post this. Crazy as it may sound.

I woke up with a terrible migraine again. I'm just about tired of this craziness. I absolutely hate waking up like this. This is my day off, my boys are at home, I should be able to enjoy the day. When I have these headaches, I go through these weird thoughts. It makes my stomach upset. It kind of makes me feel sick to my stomach, like maybe I'm hungry. So I think, "Do I eat something high in protein?" So then I try. Tacos is what I have chosen today. Then I think, "CAFFIENE!!" That is what I need. So, I then eventually take some Excedrin Migraine, which is just acetaminophen, asprin and caffiene. Well, now I've done the first 2 thoughts, food and meds, jo relief. Now my sister, bless her heart, is on her way to my house to do my nails, and is bringing me a 32oz. diet pepsi fountain drink. Well, see how it works. She lkeeps telling me to go to the doctor for this. "I know, I know, I tell her." Then she says, "Uh, how many times have you encouraged me to go to the doctor?" Again, my response is "I know, I know." Okay, I 'll give an excuse, then I guess I should go. One excuse, I just got insurance, and I didn't want to go earlier, therefore, I wouldn't have any preexisting conditions, and secondly, maybe I should go get an eye exam first. We'll see.


Grafted Branch said...

You'll never know until you go. It's hard to find the time, but try. :)

Dana said...

catching up on your blog.;) I used to get horrible migraines, but I found that I have to drink REAL COKE (straight coke) and it really helps. I very rarely drink caffiene adn I think this helps since I'm not very tolerant of caffiene. Altho unlike you, my stomach is a mess and I have to be in pitch black and pray that I don't throw up too much...... I hope youa re feeling better! Love the pics! Your Dh is so great to do that kind of stuff w/them!