Friday, February 09, 2007

Tidbits from the last few days!

Well, lets see where do I begin. Last weekend I was off of work, and I so enjoyed the weekend. We did a whole lot of nothing. We did just enough, so that the house wasn't unbearable to be in. We stayed in all weekend. Zach and I lounged on the couch alot of the 2 days. It was nice. If I was sitting on the couch, he was on my lap.

We watched the Super Bowl. GO COLTS! It was quit interesting, because we grew up in the Chicagoland area, so Rob and I both grew up in houses that were Bears fans. We have never really followed sports at all. Well, the bank that we use offered a Colts Kids Savings account. We opened them, and each time the Colts won a game, they each recieved a $5.00 certificate to put in their bank account, so now can you see why we say GO COLTS. Well, then of course we are now Hoosiers, and all my boys were born in Indiana, and they are Colts Fans. It was fun to watch the game with them. We really were getting quit excited about it. It was quit comical.

Zach got sick this weekend. He ended up waking up in the night Saturday with a fever, and sore throat. Rob stayed home from church with him, since I stayed home on Wednesday. I had planned on going into work on Monday for a short time, getting my paperwork done and then coming home to be with Zach. I had decided to leave Jordan home for a little while, and then just take him late. Well, you'll never believe this. I had 2 people call in sick that day. I ended up working from 6am-10pm on Monday. It was awful. I was not very happy, nor did I prented to be. Zach was okay, and then Jordan didn't end up missing too much school, because of the weather they had a 2 hour delay, actually all week they've been on a 2 hour delay. Well, Rob took Zach to the doctor, and he had strep throat. UGH!!!! On Tuesday I switched my schedule so I could work in the evening when Rob was home. SO I went in at 3pm. It wasn't so bad really, of my 3rd shift people came in sick. She didn't try to call in, she DID show up and was awful sick, so I ended up letting her go home and I worked her shift. so again, I worked from 3pm-8am. It wasn't so bad, until the next day. The boys had a 2 hour delay and I didn't get enough sleep, so I was a little grouchy. Well, alot grouchy.

We were leaving to go to church and our car wouldn't start. We didn't want to drive the van, since it is older, and we didn't want to get stuck that far from home. Well, no big deal, we'll just jump the battery, right?! Not! The hood latch was frozen. Okay, it wasn't funny then, but it sure is funny now. So, we had to push the car into the garage--that the garage door is about to fall apart--and try to get the hood to defrost. Okay, we ended up getting a new battery for the car. No big deal. Oh yeah, we had sent Jordan to start the car, and he thought he started it but didn't, so he had the lights, the radio and heater on but the car wasn't started, therefore, it zapped the battery, since it is sooooo very cold here.

Thursday, Jordan and Zach had dentist appointments. Now hear me say this, we are so blessed to have such a wonderful caring dentist. He is so concerned about kids teeth, that $$$$ don't matter much to him. He has done so very much for us, and not charged us, just to help the kids. He put a porcelain crown on Jordan's front tooth yesterday, and I'm sure the insurance will not pay for it, and he didn't charge us. He put braces on Jordan's front teeth a couple of years ago, with no charge to us. This is what he told me last time we were there, after he told me all that Austin is going to need done to his teeth in the next few years, "Now, the funding you have will not pay for this stuff, but when I have parents who are willing to make the trip here every week or 2 weeks, and do what I ask them to do, the cost doesn't matter to me." WOW!!! I thanked him and told him I sure appreciated all he has done, and was blessed to have him as a dentist for my boys.

More from Thursday. When we left the dentist, Jordan was a mess. His hands were trembling, like they do when he is nervous or overwhelmed about something. I talked to him and said, "relax Jordan, your hands are shaking." I know Mom, my nerves are shot, that is just too much to do in one day. Poor kid. I said "we are just a mess aren't we Jordan?" "Yeah, Mom, but that is okay we are a good family." Now that was all I needed to hear from him. See, I tend to be harder on him than the other boys, and he still loves me and thinks we are a good family.

Then, Austin and I went to the Dollar store for somethings, and we are walking up to the store, out of the blue he says. "I'm glad I have good parents." Wasn't that sweet?

Well, today, I've done a few chores, and then took Rob lunch and now I'm at home to do a whole lot of nothing. Just some laundry and clean bathrooms. YEAHAW!!!!

Have a blessed weekend.

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Heather said...

Wow!!! Your schedule sounds like you need a vacation!!!! ;) moms get vacaions? Sounds like your testimony during rough times is making a big impact on your boys- judging by their comments. Praise the Lord! :) I missed you!