Thursday, March 08, 2007

I sit here almost in tears!

Yesterday at work we were all talking. Lisa, one of my co-workers was a manager at McDonalds, and is a very personable (is that a word?) person. Well, she was sharing how she learned in management training with McDonalds, that a good manager would know at least 3 personal things about each employee. Well, she asked me what I know about the people we were working with that day. Then she said, "here I'll tell you what I kow about you." Fine, I thought.
**Your husband used to be a Pastor
**Your had 2 different church buildings while he pastored.
**You have 3 boys.
**You are a good management person
**You are good at the office work
**Your kids are very important to you

She went on and on. They were all good things really. It was nice to hear some encouraging words. Then, later in the day I was thinking about what she'd said, and it hit me like a ton of bricks. She did not mention that she could see Christ in my life, or anything to that effect. It made me sad. It is my prayer that I can show Christ to my co workers, and I'm not doing a very good job of it.

Then last night at church we were continuing our video series from John Piper about fighting for joy. Well, he said something that was so awesome, and it is my prayer now. May we be like a tree with fruit that is so sweet that people would want to pick it and "taste and see" how sweet Christ is for themselves. (Okay, that was a poor rendering of that quote, but I hope you get what it means.)

Well, I must go to bed now. It is late and I have work in the am, and company coming in for the weekend.


Grafted Branch said...

You know what? I'm going to disagree with you -- right here on YOUR OWN blog! :)

First, I see that she mentioned "pastor" and "church." She obviously knows that your "religion" is important to you.

The fact that she doesn't have the Christian lingo down, i.e., being a Christian is a relationship, not a religion...blah blah blah...doesn't change the fact that she does see the beauty that is Christ in your life. She sees Christ in your priorities, your diligence, etc. She will equate those things to the Person in His timing.

You just keep being true, and living in GRACE.

'Love you in the Lord...

That IS showing Christ.

Free In Christ said...

Thank You, GB, I guess sometimes I just forget that not everyone knows the right words.

Thanks again.

Heather said...

:) Gotta love GB.