Monday, February 26, 2007

My poor Zach is sick

On Feb. 5th we took Zach to the doctor, and they gave him an antibiotic for strep. Actually, they offered to do the throat culture if we wanted, but my husband took him and he can't stand the thought of that, much less have to sit with Zach while it gets done, and also Zach seems to get strep about once a year, so the Dr. just treated him for it. His throat "looked like hamburger" the doctor said (isn't that a great mental picture). He then told Rob, if he doesn't get better in about 2 days bring him back and we'll do a test for Mono. Well, he seemed better. Then he started complaining about a tummy ache. I thought these few thoughts, 1-he is just hungry because he is not eating good, then 2-the antibiotic can sometimes give you a belly ache. Then, he was finished taking the antibiotic, and still complaining of the achey tummy. We took him back to the doctor last Monday, they did the test for Mono and it was positive. Poor kid, has had Mono this whole time and I didn't even know it. I felt awful. The doctor reassured us that we were not horrible for not taking him in again. He wasn't running a fever or anything. He just wasn't himself yet, nor is he still. He is still really tired, so he goes to bed early, and his tummy hurts sometimes. She told us to give him tylenol for the pain/uncomforableness and his body would work this out. So, he knows that he has to eat good, and get lots of rest. She said just be real aware of the complaints that he gives us. I guess in kids it is not uncommon for the spleen to become enlarged and fall down from its normal home, behind the ribs, and that can be dangerous when they are playing or anything. Zach's stomach felt fine she said. We were also told that he was not contagious unless he still had a fever, so we are past that. I guess that Mono is going around here right now.

I really am begining to wonder if the other 2 boys have this also. They have some of the same symptoms. We were told it was a virus, no meds will help, just have to build up their immune systems.

I am just praying that Rob and I don't come down with this. I think it is much harder on adults than children.


Robin said...

Poor Zach! I had mono as a 10th grader, no fun. I could still go to school but couldn't march in the band or participate in PE.
I hope he and his brothers feel better real soon.

Heather said...

Oh no...I hope he does get better soon!!

Grafted Branch said...

Oh, I'm so sorry! Sounds like he'll be on 50% power for awhile. Sometimes it's good to stop though.