Monday, February 26, 2007

My schedule

I just want to share with you my crazy life schedule, starting with sometime last week.

Monday I worked the evening, and was supposed to work Tuesday evening. Therefore, I budgeted my time, chores and errands accordingly. Well, Monday night, a girl from work called in and wasn't going to make it to work at all that week, she was going to have surgery on Friday, and her surgeon took her off work. Okay, so I worked Tuesday day instead of evening. Sounds good right? Wrong. See, I planned my days according to my schedule. Well, the things I didnt' get done on Monday, because I was going to do them Tues, they didn't get done.

Then I was scheduled to work 8-3 Wed, and of course because this poor girl was sick, I then had to go in at 6 am. The thing she was scheduled to do on Wednesday, only her and I know how to do it, so I did it. That made me work from 6a-3p. Thursday was Austin's field trip, so I ended up staying home from church on Wed, because the house was an absolute disaster, and I knew I wouldn't be home on Thursday, and Friday I went to be with my friend before her surgery, then to the gorcery, then home to get food prepared for church that evening.

Our church had a Winter Theological Study this weekend. Church on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I also had to work this weekend. So Friday I prepared my food for both Friday and Saturday's pitch in at church. We went to the study on Friday, got home, went to bed, got up for work, worked until 2:30, left for church at 3:15, got home about 11pm, went to bed, got up for work on Sun., went to church and then back to work to finish my duties. I got home yesterday evening about 6, ate pizza with my boys, just sat and relaxed with them.

This week goes something like this. Today, I worked the evening. Which was good I was able to clean the house, and get laundry done. Tuesday Austin and I go to Indy for "Coping Cat", and then I work the evening. (I messed my schedule up this week, so I have an extra evening in there) Wednesday I work 6a-3p, and then church. Thursday I work the evening, and then Friday I work the morning, and get off at 2pm. YEAH!!!!! I am off this weekend. I am so looking forward to the weekend. I think I'm going to try and get a sitter for the boys on Friday and go on a date with my hubby.

Does anyone see why the lack of posting lately. I just can't keep up with everything. I do read others blogs, and sometimes comment, but most days I just don't have time to blog myself.

Well, I hope you all have a blessed week.

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Robin said...

Whew, I'm exhausted and all I did was read that schedule! I used to work similar schedules and whine the entire time. If I'd taken all the energy I'd put into whinning and put it into the schedule before me I would have gotten a lot more done and had more fun. I didn't hear any whinning from you! That's just what I did.