Friday, February 16, 2007

More snowy pictures. Today is was EXTREMELY cold. When I woke up this morning it was like 4 below zero. BRRRRRR!!!!!

I ran outside to take these few pictures. I really need to carry my camera so I can take pitures of some of the mounds of snow around town. The street department guys were telling me today that they'd be out around 11pm to start moving some of the snow, making the snow piles shorter so you can see beyond them. It is crazy out there. Honest.

1.) This is out my garage, back door, this is truthfully how deep the snow is. There wasn't a whole lot of drifting back there, because we have a tall fence, so that is how much snow we got. WOW!!

2.) Snow up to the mailbox. We got a "nasty gram" from the post office telling us to move more of the snow from in front of the mailbox so the mailperson could just drive up to the box. OOPS! The things you forget to take care of when you have a ton of snow in your driveway.

3) Do you see the boys igloo there. TOo funny!

4) The boys tunnel in the drift alongside the house.

5) The snow in front of the neighbors house.

They say more snow tomorrow. Hey, guess what though. My sister is coming to my house to do my nails for me. I've never had them done, and I surely don't have the extra cash to have them done, and she does hers all the time. YEAHAW!!! I'm pretty excited. Heather, I'm still unsure of the toenail thing though. It sounds absolutely wonderful, I'm just not sure I could handle it. I'm really funny about my feet.

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