Sunday, April 30, 2006

We've decided.....

to start attending the church in New Castle. Today, my friend took Jordan and I. Rob had a prior commitment, and the 2 younger boys spent the night with my sister, so they went to church with her. It was a good service. The message was great. Very biblical. I think we will learn alot from this church.

Rob talked to the pastor of the church we'd been attending. He was wonderful. He said he knew we wouldn't be there forever, and that he was glad that we'd been there while we were. That church was also great for us. We needed some place to go to church, and we learned alot from them also. God has a great big plan for us, and of course we can't see the end, we are just taking one step at a time as He leads.

Today in the service the pastor made this comment. "The better you think you are, the less you think of Christ." Ouch!! Isn't that the truth. Unless you admit that you are a sinner, each and everyday, you will forget how AWESOME that the sacrifice that Christ made is. To me the comment meant, and this is from my experience. The better I think that I am, the farther away from Christ I am. He said lots of "wow" things this morning, at least for me.

You will love this one. This is not really a spiritual thought, but I've just got to share it with you. I had a coupon for Lane Bryant, for $15 off a $15 purchase. Now, I get coupons all the time, but usually they are like $25 off a 75$ purchase and stuff like that. Okay, that is not that great, so when I got the $15 coupon, I had to use it. Well, it was going to expire today, and I had to work this evening. Well, my husband offered to go to the store for me and use the coupon. I gave him my size, and an idea of what I wanted. I just wanted jeans capris or something like that. Well, he did it. He said the ladies in the store were amazed at him, because "their husbands wouldn't even dream of doing that for them." Well, he purchased 2 pairs of the same style crop pants, just 2 different sizes. It was great, I was able to get new pants, and use my great coupon. What a great guy! Are you jealous?! JK! Have a blessed week.


Heather said... true..we are but filthy rags...worse. I am so thankful for God's Grace and Mercy. Thank you for the reminder.

Heather said...

What a great guy...aww that touched my heart. You are one blessed lady (as is he...a blessed man to have such a Godly wife):)

Karen said...

I'm so glad you have such a great husband. We are both very blessed aren't we? Have a great week!