Thursday, April 13, 2006

Rob's job situation update

Today Rob FINALLY got an answer about his job. The new owner, who will remain nameless, had told my husband at least 3 times in the past few weeks, "tomorrow I will call you and we'll discuss your job." Let me tell you, THREE times, and no call, no conversation at all for that matter. Well, today was the conversation. His job will be over on Wed. April 19. His job will be nonexistent at that point. I'm glad to finally have an answer, I can't stand not knowing. I know, I know, God is in control and I don't have to know everything, however, it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. At any rate, we are completely comfortable with this at the time being. He should be able to collect unemployment for a while at least. We are thinking that will get us through the summer with out a babysitter. He is actually excited about it. He is looking forward to the time with the boys. Please be in prayer for us though. Financially we'll be fine, at least I think, however, we are just really wanting to do God's will for our lives. I know that God knows his plans for us, we just need to be patient and "be still and listen" to what God has for us.

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A Bishop wife said...

You have such a wonderful attitude of faith. God is getting ready to change things. I will keep this in prayer also.