Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Mom is working full time now!

Well, it has so far been a busy week. God is definately giving me the strength that I need. I have started working full time this week. We think (well, pretty much 99.9% positive) my husbands job will be over by the end of the month. Please pray for this situation. We are totally at peace with it, we know God has a plan for us. However, we do have a family to support, and a house payment to make, and all that goes along with it. I'm thankful that we have been able to live on one income for so long, and with keeping our bills to a minimum, we will be fine, if Rob has to take a cut in pay at a new job, I can easily make up the difference by working more. Not that it is what I want to do, but I can do it. My job is very flexible with my schedule, and they know my family comes first. I generally get to pick my schedule from one week to the next. It is great, and that is one of the main reasons I stay. I generally am off work when the boys get out of school, if not it is no more than one hour later. Rob tries to pick them up on those day anyway, or as a last resort the end up at latch key for about 45 minutes.

Yesterday I starting to feel a cold coming on and Rob got me some Dayquil. I was out of all cold meds since everyone in the house has been sick this past month. At any rate, I took it, WOW, it makes me a bit "wirey". I don't think I ever sat down last night until it was time to take my Nyquil and go to bed. I got alot accomplished. I worked 8 hours, came home cooked dinner, did the dishes, did 4 or 5 loads of laundry (complete with folding and putting away---including socks for 5 people), cleaned the front of the house, vacuumned, picked up the little guys room, changed sheets and made beds. WOW!!! That is way more than I 'd do on an average evening, especially after working all day. I felt good to get so much done, and then today to come home to a clean house. Tonight was wonderful also. We laughed alot. The boys are so much fun. I hate it, because, sometimes I just forget to enjoy them. I was glad that we all talked and laughed so much tonight. They played outside for a while. It was a little chilly but not too bad.

Today, I got off work at 2, my dear friend Ronda, who I've not seen in a few days (or for that matter even talked to) came into work and we ended up going to McDonalds to chat for a while. Actually a little over an hour. It was wonderful. We love to talk about "theological" things. It is so great, we both come from the same background and are learning this new wonderful "grace" way of life. We just totally understand each other. It is great to have a friend like that.

I thank God for the last few days. It is really by his strength that I've gotten through them. I should say, I've thoroughly enjoyed them, I know I couldn't have done it with out his help. I was scared of going back to work full time, and it has been fine.

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Heather said...

Praise the Lord!! Yay for Dayquil to the rescue :) I am so glad the Lord blessed you with such strength and efficiency. May He continue to bless you. I will be praying about the job situation, and I so admire your confidence in the Lord in this. Such an inspiration..thank you for sharing and for the example. The Lord WILL keep you.