Monday, April 10, 2006

Austin with his Cinderella Book

Tonight was "Cinderella Night" for the 3rd grade. The third grade has been learning about fairy tales and fables. They have studied all different kinds of cinderella stories. They have studied the different variances to the story, cinderella stories from other countries, and different parts of the U.S. For the end of this unit, they all "published" a book. They learned the entire writing process for a book. Then the books were published, they even had dedications and "about the author" along with their picture of the back cover of the books. It was fun to see their finished products. Austin played outside after school, immediately after dinner, he quickly showered and put on his suit for the occasion. He wanted to be "Prince Charming". What a funny little man I have. It was a fun night. Posted by Picasa

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