Monday, April 10, 2006

April is Jordan's favorite month.

Today when I picked Jordan up from school he told me that their writing prompt for today was: "tell what your favorite month is and why". He told me he chose April. When I asked why he told me because it is when we celebrate Easter. Easter, not being about eggs and candy, but about the fact that is when Jesus Christ died for our sins on the cross. I was so excited to hear this from him. What a great thing to realize at such a young age. God is so good. I'm thankful for children that love an appreciate the sacrifice that Christ gave of us.

He also talked about the lunch conversation today. It was about heaven and how can you get there. The ideas that some have was blowing his mind. Like, jsut go to church your whole life, and just believe that there is a heaven. He said Mom, I know that is not right. I asked if he spoke up. No, not today. He is not a very controversial kind of kid. I pray that when he is comfortable he'll be able to share the gospel with his friends. I think he is just trying to live his life as an example right now. Please pray for him. He loves the Lord with all his heart, and he knows he's saved, he talks about it all the time. (this is a kid who just months ago said, "no one really knows whether or not they'll go to heaven, you just don't know if you've been good enough) UGH!!! Can you see how God used our kids to show us the true gospel. I thank God that Jordan has seen it and accepted Christ also. God is so good! Posted by Picasa

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Heather said...

Praise the Lord for his salvation! I know that just blessed your heart to hear why he picked April. It will be exciting to see what the Lord's plan is for his life