Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Random thoughts of the day

What beautiful weather we've been having. I love the spring. It does affect my allergies, but hey, it is beautiful. The grass is green, the trees are budding, and the magnolia trees are at their peak. What beauty in God's creation. It makes me think of why all things were created, and that is to bring glory to God.

I can't believe that Zach will be 7 on Friday. Wow!!! To think that 7 years ago I was walking miles and miles each day to prompt labor to begin. I think I walked more in the month of April that year, than ever in my life. It sure made delivery somewhat easier. If easy is even a word you can use about delivering a child. What a joy that day. I'll be honest and say I was worried about having another boy, because I did want a girl, and I'd heard so many stories of people have severe depression when they'd have the 3 same sex child. Well, all my fears were wiped away when they showed me the beautiful baby boy #3. He was perfect. I didn't have a name for him, but not a moment of sadness came over me when he was born. God knew I needed another boy. How blessed I am to have 3 boys. Our heavenly Father is so wonderful and knows just what we need and when we need it.

We have had some wonderful devotional times with the boys. We are reading the book of John right now. It is quit fun. They all love to follow in their Bibles, and read aloud Gods word. It is fun when a verse jumps out at them and they grab a highlighter and mark it in the Bible. What a great sight to behold.

Today I rode in the car with my manager and another employee for 4 hours (round trip) to go to a "Rewards Luncheon". It was a nice time. I was sad to me though, they are both unbelievers and their philosophies about life are so "wordly". It just was sad to me at times. Now, they were not vulgar, or hateful or anything like that, it was just such a "its all about Me" thought process. Not even that they are completely self centered. It just made me realize how blessed I am to be "born again", because if it were not for the Grace of God, I'd be the same way. Now, I don't say that in a prideful way by any means, I just thank God that he chose me. I don't deserve it any more than the next person, but I'm sure thankful for it. I pray that I can show them Christ each day, and they'd be drawn to Him. Enough rambling about that, I am having a hard time expressing my thought on it.

Tonight we went the the church we visited on Sunday. (see my Sunday post for it's website if your interested in checking it out). It was a great Bible study. We definately STUDIED the Bible. My mind didn't wander at all (which is a miracle for me). They boys enjoyed the classes they had and they learned some great stuff. We are still praying about the decision we need to make.

Well, I really need to get up at 5 a.m., so tata for now.


Heather said...

Melissa, it was so neat to read about your "goings on". How precious to hear how the Holy Spirit is drawing your children...I know any little glimpse of it in mine gives me butterflies. I think I know what you mean about the ride with your they are just so empty and the emptiness in the lives of lost is so apparent isn't it? So heartbreaking. Take care of you and your precious ones.
In Him-heather

Karen said... express your faith so well...I know the Lord is going to use you in the lives of your co-workers! I love reading about the boys and their growing faith. You have such a sweet family. Love...Karen