Monday, April 17, 2006

Job update

Well, this is now my going into my 3rd week of working full time. So far, so good. I was a little tired last week. Not too bad though. Rob's job ends either tomorrow or Wednesday. The closing of the sale of the business is on Wednesday, we're not sure whether they are having him work that day or not yet. Nothing like letting us know ahead of time right. He is going to the unemployment office tomorrow at some time.

Well, on Saturday my manager at work asked if I'd be interested in being a crew leader. Well, of course I would. I love to learn the most of any job I've ever had. The more knowledge I have, the better, for me at least. It will be something like a second assistant manager, more than just a crew leader. I'm pretty excited about this. It would require me to work 2 evenings a week, that is the only downfall, but it will be okay. I usually am able to pick the days and evenings I'd work. At this time, however, I will not be required to work 2 evenings. Probably not until the end of the summer, which will be fine. I'm very thankful for this opportunity, it could work into an true "assistant manager" position, which would offer great insurance, and other benefits. I am just prayin God's will with this also. He knows exactly what we need and when, we will just have to be patient and wait.

Well, I'm off to take a bike ride with my boys. Tata for now.


Heather said...

Melissa...that sounds so nice..a bike ride. I can't wait til mine are old enough.

I really admire your confidance and flexibility with your situation. I am sure the Lord is just guiding to you and your husband to bigger and better things, and I am praying for your peace throughout this time.
love in Him

A Bishop wife said...

This is so wonderful! God is really awsome!

Praying for your Prodigal said...

Congrats! and Yahoo! for how well your new adventure is going! I'm happy for you and yours!

:) Diane