Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Rob

Rob was the first baby of the year in 1972 at Copley Memorial Hospital, Aurora Ill.

We celebrated on Friday. I knew that I had to work today, at least part of the day. Well, it was a good thing that we did the celebration when we did. On Saturday I ended up working 16 hours, and then today I worked 8 (usual for a holiday is 4 hours). The flu is going around, and it is hitting all of the empolyees one at at time. UGH!!

This was our menu for our birthday meal.

**Coconut shrimp

**pina colda dipping sauce

**broasted potatoes


**chocolate eclair cake

Rob was surprised, because usually it is either late, or so obvious what we are planning. He was totally surpirsed.

Rob is the best husband in the world, he is a great father, a Godly leader of our family. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Rob! You were born the year after we got married! Yikes! Lots of love...John and Karen

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Sounds like a wonderful meal was served!
Melissa, I hope you don't catch the cold/flu going around!!
Take care of yourself.
Happy New Year