Thursday, December 28, 2006

Questions boys ask

Here are a few of the latest.

During Family worship as we were reading Romans, it was talking about circumcision, and Austin asks when we were done reading. What is circumcision? Great question, right. Well, that was left up to Dad to explain. Of course he did a great job, and also talk of the spiritual application of circumcision of the heart. Anyway, it was a great chuckle for us all. So, at Christmas, Austin said to one of his aunts, knowing full well what he was doing, "Hey, lets talk about circumcision." Uh, what, she said. He then says, just kidding. This is by the way one of those things my boys are glad was done as a baby, and not when they were 30 years old. LOL! They are also happy to know that it is no longer the sign of the covenant.

Today, as my boys are playing their new playstation, they needed something to hold the cords, well, I think at least. Zach says, "Mom can I use one of your hair bracelets?" "Uh, what in the world are you talking about?" "Well, you know the hair bracelet" "You mean a pony tail holder?!" "Yeah, Mom." Of course you can use one, while I chuckle.

Silly boys.

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Dana said...

HA HA! Gotta love those topics! And how funny about the hair bracelet! I'm glad the bday party was a success!