Sunday, January 21, 2007

The other day, Thursday to be exact, Austin had his first appointment for his "anxiety therapy". Well, he was extremel "anxious" about this. He was jittery the night before, and could hardly sleep, in the morning he was so "scattered" it was kind of funny, extremely trying, but funny at the same time.

Well, of course the day was extremely unstuctured. Nothing routine at all, other than eating together in the evening and having our family worship. He was a little more scattered than usual in the evening.

Well, it is now bedtime. Zach has been sleeping on the couch, so Austin has full run of the bedroom. (I know, I know, we have allowed this just because it is easier than dealing with crazy bedtimes) Well, Zach said he wanted to sleep in his bed this night. I let Zach go in and of course it set Austin in a frenzy. I guess I forget that he doesn't take change very well, and I guess I really didn't view this as much of a change, well I was wrong. At any rate, I had to get up and deal with the situation. He got a spanking, of course that wasn't easy because he is so squirmy to begin with. Then I told him he had to stand against the wall until he calmed down, and coud go to bed without a fight with Zach. Well, I had to walk away for a minute and get Zach all tucked in, and when I came back to talk to Austin it went something like this. (I give God all the praise for this) I explained to Austin that it was extremely selfish for him to want the bedroom to himself each night, and make Zach sleep on the couch, and we discussed some other things. He tried to convince me he "couldn't" sleep with Zach in the room. I explained to Austin that we are the parents and responsible (in charge of him--words he could understand) for his discipline, and we are responsible to train him in Godly ways. I then asked this simple question, "who is in charge of Dad and I?" He said, real matter of factly "You and Dad." I responded, "No, it is God. He is in charge of us. And we are in charge of you. We are being disobedient to God when we don't discipline you and let you have your way all the time." I also admitted to him that we have failed lately and enforcing things on him, just because it is much easier not to, but by doing this we were in disobedience to God. I then explained to him that he is disobedient to God when he is disobedient to us. Boy, he sure didn't like that thought at all. I then addressed the issue of "I can't go to sleep with Zach in the room", this way. "Austin, I'm sure you are right and YOU can't get to sleep with Zach in the room, but God can help you, you just have to ask him to." We had a few more words, but that is the jist of it all. We then prayed together, he went to his room and fell asleep, and stayed in his own bed all night. God had helped him get to sleep and stay asleep. ***Thankfully, Zach was asleep by the time this whole conversation was over, so when Austin went back to his room Zach was sleeping. Isn't it great how God works out every little detail for us. We did discuss many other things, like the fact that we are sinful by nature, but we are part of Gods covenant family, and he gives us what we need to overcome.

I just wanted to share a little snapshot into the lives of us. Crazy most of the time, alot of fun (well, in hindsight it is funny) and a whole lot of learning as we go. God is so faithful. I'm so thankful for the things he brings to remberance at times like this.


Robin said...

I am giving you a standing ovation!! YOu handled that so well. I can not tell you how many times I wish I had done that very thing with one of mine! Instead of teaching him how to deal I used his *problem* (for lack of better words) to allow and excuse his behavior. Or rather allow his behavior. Thank you for sharing and pat your self on the back!!

Dana said...

WTG!!!!!!!!!!! I have had the whole 'daddy adn I are disobedient when we let you be disobedient' conversation as well! He needs reminders, but he's catching on.
Saturday we had the nice consquences for your actions talk since he was aggravated that he had to fix his math probs from Friday. I told him that if he had done it on Friday like he was supposed to that he wouldn't be doing them on Saturday!

staceyhoff said...

I love moments like these! have you read shepherding a child's heart? I believe it is by Ted Tripp. That book is what helped me have these kinds of moments in my home, too! So happy for you!
<3 Stacey