Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Parenting is rough sometimes.

Well, today was a little of a crazy day. The school had a "bomb threat". It was nothing, in fact I think it was a prank pulled by a high school kid (or so rumor goes), however, the authorities have to treat it as if it is real.

I found out it was true, they had indeed evacuated the school from a neighbor, who offered to watch the boys for me if I wanted to pick them up. Of course, I did. They were most definately in good hands where they were, but I just wanted them away from the situatin. They all had been taken to churches in the community, and they was much security with the staff of the schools watching the children and being sure they were being picked up by the right people. See, we do live in a small community and everyone know who you are and who your children are. It is wonderful. Anyway, I just wanted my children to know that I was there for them, even though I couldn't leave work, they knew I knew what was going on and was looking out for them. They were only at the neighbors for about 1 1/4 hours, until Rob came home.

Okay, now to the reason for my title. Evidently Jordan decided it was okay to make fun of Austin for crying because it scared him a little. Imagine that, my GAD child being scared of this event! Okay, sorry for the sarcasm. Well, I couldn't figure out why the 2 of them had been fighting---literally fighting--from the time I came home until we left for church. Well, as we are driving down the road--maybe one block from home--Austin gets upset about Jordan touching him in the car, and it comes out that the reason for the tension is the teasing. It all makes sense now, Austin was extremely "anxious" about the whole situation, and then Jordan teasing him was making his "anxiety" worse. Well, Rob and I had enough of the fighting, and they were warned to stop or they'd be spending the evenings in their rooms, no electronics whatsoever. Guess where I am? At home, 2 boys in their beds, reading or writing, missing out on their great classes at church, as I am also. UGH!!! It is so hard sometimes to enforce discipline.

I had a nice talk with each of them, and they are no longer bickering back and forth, and it is quiet and calm in my house. It was a hard decision, but I think it will be one they remeber for a long time. They are very active, and they are spending the entire evening in their beds, and they are missing out on something they enjoy also.

I talked to Jordan about teasing his brother, and I truly feel he feels badly for his actions, and he talked to Austin about it. Austin knows, that his response to the teasing was unacceptable.

Well, I must go and accomplish something visible in this house.
Like I said, it is rough being a parent sometimes.


Bradley & Liza said...

No wonder James Dobson entitled his parenting book "Parenting Are Not For Cowards"

Liza's Eyeview said...

Oh, I used a diffenet account - oppsss. I'm the one who commented about Dobson's book. I should have used this one.

Anyway, I'm with you - parenting is hard sometimes.


Grafted Branch said...

I'm sitting on the same seat in the boat and my paddle is in the water too! Stay strong.