Friday, January 12, 2007

New purse

This is my new purse. Rob went shopping for me for Christmas, and didn't find what he wanted to get me. So, I didn't get anything. And let me tell you I didn't even think a thing of it, nor did I remember when we went shopping this past weekend.

Well, Rob said "You need to pick something for Christmas." This is it.

I have needed a new purse for a while. I don't buy purses very often, and when I do, I use them until they fall apart. Well, at Thanksgiving I say one similiar to this at Khols, but it was tan/brown. I carried it around the store on 2 different occassions, and then decided not to buy it. Well, then we went this past weekend, and look I found it. It was perfect for me. So, that is what I chose.


Grafted Branch said...

That's a pretty purse. I like the blue.

Dana said...

I hope you had fun cleaning!LOL I'm home w/a sick wee one today.:( LOVE the purse!!!!!!! It's so cute!

Robin said...

Nice purse!