Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Today is our 15th wedding anniversary. We were married at 19 & 20. People, especially our parents, said we never make it. HA! By the grace of God, we have made it 15 years, and look forward to many many more. This may sound crazy, but I can't wait 'til like 50 years. God has been so faithful to us.

We've lived alot of years, been alot of places, done alot of craazy and not so crazy things in our marraige. Not all have been easy, but God has always been there for us.

I praise God today and each day for such a God fearing husband. He is a fabulous leader in our covenant family.


Karen said...

Happy Anniversary Melissa and Rob! 15 years is a wonderful milestone!

Lots of love...Karen

Grafted Branch said...

That's about the prettiest wedding photo I've ever seen! There's just something about the way the photographer captured you both -- wonderful! Full of hope and intrigue and of course, love.

God bless you both with 50 more!

Free In Christ said...

Karen, thank you! I sure look to you and John as an example of a "long" Godly marraige.

Thank you Grafted Branch, for such a wonderful compliment.

Heather said...

Congrats, and yes, what a beautiful pic!

Dana said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! I thought I was the only one who looked forward to 50years!LOL Enjoy your weekend!