Thursday, August 31, 2006

Please Pray!

My Mom just called me. We haven't talked in months. Long story for another time.

My brother, who isn't saved, is in the hospital pretty serious I guess. Evidently he had surgery last week to remove his gall bladder and isn't doing well. He had been being treated for the last who knows how long for a hyateal hernia (I'm quit sure I butchered that spelling-forgive me) and in all reality it was his gall bladder. They did surgery to remove it, and it was gang green. UGH! They put a drain tube of some kind to drain off the infection. He went to the doctor on Tuesday, and he wasn't real pleased with the progress, so he said if it was not better, next Tuesday they'd do another procedure. Well, I guess the pain got so bad today that he was crying--now he is not a cryer--so my sister-in-law took him to the hospital. They have admitted him, because his bile count is so high and will be doing some type of surgery in the am.

Please help me pray. Our relationship is not at it best, and he is not saved. Thanks in advance.


Heather said...

Melissa, I just said a prayer for your brother...keep us updated!

Robin said...

Me too. Keep us posted. Maybe God is opening a door for you to step through.

Praying for slavation as well as healing.