Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Guess what I'm listening to?

Selah: Bless the Broken Road.

I'm am enjoying this new cd. It is wonderful. The songs are so full of deep spiritual truths.
How, do you ask did I get this cd? Okay, maybe the thought never crossed your mind, but I'm gonna tell you anyway. Here it is. I was listening to the christian radio station that is in our town. It is one of the only stations I can tune in at work. Suits me just fine though. Okay, Bruce Matthews, the morning DJ is talking about the cd he'll be giving away today. Well, of course I missed the call in time. Then, he came into the convenience store I work at for lunch. I was asking him about it. Just curious. I really had no intention of asking for the cd. Well, he offered me one. I didn't even ask. Promise. He said he got a few in that had broken cases, and if I wanted it he'd bring it to me when he got off of work. Isn't that awesome.

He came in later to bring it to me. And of course, I'm quit the cynical one. I told him thanks, a bunch, then said "hey, I'd say I will forever worship you, but that would be idolatry." Just kidding of course. He then said, you know what you could do for me though, pray. Well, of course I could do that. He said he is seeking God on some things in life. So, here I am, I'm going to ask all of my blog friends to remember him in your prayers. Isn't it neat how God puts people in your path each day.

Let me give you some info. 1.) We live in an extremely small rural community, and it is a blessing to have a Christian radio station in town. 2.) Although I don't praticularly enjoy all Contemporary Christian Music, I am thankful for the station, because, as I said we are a rural community. We have a hard time tuning in many of the other Christian Radio stations. 3.) Again, because we are a small community, not many people in town don't know about my husband and my journey to salvation by grace alone, freed from legalism, emotionalism and arminianism. So, this DJ is always asking about what is going on in our spiritual life.

Why did I add this info, who knows, I just did.

New subject, well kind of. I have been reading a few new found blogs. It never ceases to amaze me how God works in my life. God has given me a new appreciation for old hyms. In the past week I made a post concerning that issue. Then, as I was doing my daily blog reading (horrible addiction) I found many people where feeling the same way about music. Now, let me add something, I do listen to CCM quit a bit. Like I said, at work it is absolutely the only radion station that comes in for me to listen to. Well, there are secular stations, but this is what I choose. At any rate, although I don't enjoy all the music, there is some good music in the CCM scene. There are some new tunes with very deep doctrinal truths. There are also some out there, that are just love songs that could be sung to anyone. I prefer the songs that really show how BIG God really is. He is a great BIG GOD, SOVEREIGN, in control of all things. Those are the songs I enjoy.

Okay, enough rambling thoughts for the day.


Heather said...

:) My husband has one of the Selah cds!! He loves it. It is the one with "There Is A Fount" and "Oh Sacred Head" I llllloove those old gospel songs!!

Grafted Branch said...

That's fun about the cd...likely, it's no skin off dj's nose though -- the station gets a bulk amount of new music cds from the record company to give away for promotion.

Very nice that he went to the trouble to come back for you, though...that's genuinely him.