Friday, September 01, 2006

Update on my brother--Tony

Things are not looking good at the present.

He had his gall bladder removed last week, it was gangreous (sp) and so they put some sort of drainage tube to drain the poison from his body. It was not working properly. Yesterday, Bridget, my sister in law took him to the ER for pain. They ran tests, and kept him overnight, in anticipation for the procedure this morning. He had some leakage from a bile duct. The plan was to place a stintt in to help drain properly. The procedure was not sucessful. He has some blockage. Right now they are trying to remove the blockage and then move the stint were they want it. Please pray for this need. The worst part of this whole thing is that he is not saved. Oh how my heart aches right now. I appreciate your prayers more than words can say.

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Mommy said...

Hi, I am praying for your brother and for you. It's hard when someone is hurting and you dont know how to make it better. I did a search for ex-upci. I am also an x.