Wednesday, August 09, 2006

We serve a GREAT BIG GOD

Last week the Lord blessed my family with a job promotion for me. As you may know, Rob lost his job back in April. He has taken the time to spend with the boys. We've had a great summer, lots of family time. His time was so limited before. He pastored a church, and then had a very demanding secular job (that is what paid the bills). Well, it was a blessing that he lost his job. People don't understand how I can say that, but it is all about this GREAT BIG SOVEREING GOD that we serve. Well, when Rob lost his job I was able to go to work full time, to somewhat make up for the finances we'd be loosing. Then, I was asked to be a crew leader, then about 1 1/2 weeks ago I was promoted to the assistant manager. This will equal a raise and then something much more exciting also. Insurance. Thank the Lord for that. Rob and I have not had insurance in quit some time. It has always been something that has weighed on our minds, as we are getting older. Okay, I didn't say old, just older. I'm so thankful for the smiling providence of God at this present moment in our lives.

Just wanted to share some exciting news with my friends.


Heather said...

AMEN Melissa. What a wonderful spirit you have. Praise the Lord for the blessing of the promotion!! I am so happy for you :) LOve, Heather

Grafted Branch said...

Insurance is good.

Congratulations on the promotion and raise! Jesus doeth all things well.