Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Smiling Providence

Here are a few of the things that I believe are Smiling Providence of God in our lives lately.

*God blessed us with our house almost 2 years ago. (Previously we lived in the funeral home that Rob worked at--can you imagine having to find a place to live along with a job?)

*Rob lost his job; he was able to spend much time with the boys this summer.

*I didn't get that job at the bank last winter, which would have been part time, not full time.

*I was able to go full time at work, right when Rob lost his job.

*Rob's unemployment and my full time pay almost equalled Rob's old pay.

*I got a promotion, more $$ and benefits.

*We were able to buy a second vehicle just one week before we really needed it. (I have to work every other weekend, which includes Sunday. They let me go in early to get the bank stuff done, then go to church and come back and finish my duties afterwards--this requires 2 vehicles, so Rob can go early--since he's the preacher for now)

*By having 2 vehicles I can take the boys to Memorial Baptist on Wednesdays. Which is when they have wonderful classes for them. Teaching deep spiritual truths. We also were able to start again just when the new session (not sure what to call it) began.

*Rob got a job in town.

*Rob got first shift.

**These are just the big ones. God is so ever present in my life each day. He reveals himself in different ways each day. I see the seeds of faith growing in my children. Wow, what a privelage it is to raise my children to glorify God. I am so thankful that God has revealed himself to me in such a great way. We serve a GREAT BIG GOD, and we need not forget it. Especially in the small things, that we may want to take for granted. God is sovereign an in control of all things. It makes me think of something our pastors wife likes to say in teaching; "God knows the end from the begining." How true that is. We just have to trust God, "and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." Romans 8:28. Do you realize what the last 2 words of the verse say, his purpose, not ours. WOW!!! God is in control.

Lord, forgive me for my unbelief. Help me to truly trust that you have all things in control. Not just say it, but believe it with all my heart. Father, help me to glorify you each day. Father, help me to be kind and loving, showing your love to others. Thank your sacrifice on calvary for a sinner such as myself. Thank you Lord for choosing me, thank you for giving me the faith to believe in you. Thank you for that wonderful gift of faith, to trust in your sacrifice on calvary, and not on my own righteousness. Thank you, Father, for grafting me into your covenant family, for the privelage to be called your child. I am so unworthy, you are so gracious. Thank you for the Holy Spirit to guide me each day. Thank you for the growth I see in my children. Thank you for the awesome privelage of being a mother to 3 boys. Help me Lord, to raise them to fear you. To live a life glorifying to you. In Jesus precious name, Amen.


Heather said...

Amen Melissa. You have such a tender heart.

Grafted Branch said...

Isn't that every mother's prayer? What a wonderful post -- start to finish.