Wednesday, August 30, 2006

New job!

Rob got a job today. We are pretty happy about it. He still had about 8 weeks left of unemployment checks, but he starts on Tuesday. He was able to have the entire summer off to be with the boys. This will definately be a summer they'll never forget. Lots of good "boy" time. His job is here in town, which is nice for us. This is something that he was really interested, working here in our town. It doesn't pay as much as he made when he lost his job, but you know, I know God has it all figured out, and I am just having the faith that he will take care of us. God definately hasn't left us without. He is a great big God, he supplied the need we had in his time. Again, I am reminded of the fact the Rob had more time with the boys than he's ever had.

To God be the glory!


Grafted Branch said...

A-W-E-S-O-M-E! Can I say that again? Awesome! (Being a child of the '80s, I feel a little silly using that word, but I mean it to its full measure.)

Did I ever tell you about the fact that my Husband lost his job one week after our oldest turned 1 year? He was out of work or trying to start a business from home for 8-9 months. He saw her first steps, heard her first words and spent oodles of time with us both. It was great. It cost us a lot of $$$ (equity out of the home) but was worth every penny, and the Lord showed us the increase we needed in the past decade to recover.

I'm so glad for you all that He's found a job, but moreso that you all have such an abiding and confident trust in your Heavenly Father to provide. Your testimony in this season has been truly infectious; I am strengthened because of it.

Congratulations again! And God bless you all.

The Mommy said...

Hi 'goes...

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(4) From the four tabs up top, choose TEMPLATE

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Let me know if that was clear as mud, okay? I'll be lurking!

Grafted Branch said...

Oh! I forgot to remind you to go to the PUBLISHING page, SAVE SETTINGS and then REPUBLISH your blog.

Also...can't stress enough...if you move, erase or add even one little quotation mark, the whole line simply won't appear on your republished blog. So be careful. the bottom of the TEMPLATE page, you can VIEW your edits and CLEAR them to start over if you blow it.