Thursday, August 31, 2006

Fun boy story

Okay, I've been wanting to tell you all this since it happened, but life gets busy. I hope this will give you a chuckle for the day.

Saturday I called home from work to see how the day was going. Well, Rob says, "the boys are selling lemonade." So, I imagine they are sitting in the drive way. No way! They were walking the neighborhood selling lemonade. The Mom across the street made it for them, so it was Austin, Zach and Jordan (from across the street). Zach came in the house and said to Rob, she didn't have enough sugar, can I have some?" Well, of course he can, Rob said Zach proceeded to take about 2 tablespoons of sugar. Wow, that ought to be some tart stuff.

Well, here is how they did it. First off, Rob said they were barefoot and dirty from playing outside. They had their wagon, which is falling apart. This wagon was retrieved from the trash by Rob's grandfather when my Jordan was about 2, and it has had a rough life. We've tried to throw the thing away, and we get caught every time. Okay, back to the sales strategy. They were walking the streets (all 2 of our neighborhood streets) knocking on doors to sell this lemonade. When they came home with the loot. All $5.00 of it. Rob was dividing for the boys, and asked them how they made so much $$. Well, Austin says, "we told them it was for an orphange or for my Dad since he lost his job." WOW!!! Kids are amazing. Rob told them to keep the money, he really didn't need it.

I was blessed when at church on Sunday I saw Zach put all but 2 quarters in the offering at church, on his very own.

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Heather said...

Thanks for the chuckle ...too funny :) I wish I could have seen the customer's faces when they took a sip LOL...I can just picture it!