Sunday, October 29, 2006

We went to Riley Children's Hospital ADHD clinic on Wed. It went well. Austin was such a trooper, he answered all the questions very politely. It was a 2 hour visit. It was basically an intake appointment. You know, they ask you a million and one questions, and then try to point you in the direction you need to go in. The doctor was so kind. He complimented Austin on his social skills. He is very articulate in his words, and he makes good eye contact, very clear in his thoughts. So, with that he ruled out Autism. You know there are people such as Bill Gates who have a very high social functioning form of Autism. Okay, back on track. We were pretty thankful for that. However, he is concerned with the anxiety level this little guy has. Now, here is my motherly opinion on this. Yes, his anxiety level is high, he doesn't handle change well at all, any change at all. Also, he doesn't sleep well at night, and I think that it is because he worries about everything, and then in turn he is tired. So then on top of his normal level of anxiety he is now tired, which results in the outbursts of rage we see in him. Bless his little heart. He is also a perfectionist, which doesn't help with the anxiety he feels. Anything less than perfection and it messes with his mind.

Okay, so now, since the intake doctor has decided what we should begin our quest on. We go back on November 17 for a medication evaluation. I'm pretty excited about this. Now, I know there are those who don't agree with medication, however, when you see your child suffer the way Austin does, it is a welcome addition. We prayed, read, studied and talked to our doctor for almost 1 year before we even tried the medication that he is on now. Believe me, it was a definate last resort.

Let me tell you as a Austin's Mom, it was awful for me to see him suffer so. He was so extremely active, that most people could not handle being around us for long. People would even not be very kind to my boys at times. It was very clear, I could see it, and I could sense it, and people even admitted it. It is just awful to have people dislike your child because of a chemical problem in their brain, that there is medication to help.

Okay, I'll not go on this tangent any longer. I would just ask that you help us pray that we will get something figured out soon. Thanks in advance.


Anonymous said...

I am praying for you all!! I know that you are making the best prayerful decision you can...who could argue with that? Every child is different...what works for mine may not work for yours and vice versa. Please don't ever feel I think I am in any place to judge your decisions (referring to my dye article). That was aimed at commercial industries who sell us harmful things without first educating us...etc. I love you dear sister, and I pray this trial soon ends for all of you...especially that bright handsome boy of yours. God Bless you!! ((hug))

Robin said...

Thank you so much for sharing your Austin in your blogs. I will be praying for you and your family. Actually, I'd love to give you my e-mail address and/or phone number so I can pick your brain on what you'er learning. I'm not sure it would be wise for me to give that info over the blogospere, though. We'll figure something out if you would like to. Meanwhile, I'll continue to pray for you guys. I know the excitment of finding answers and the frustration of wondering if it's the right way to go.

Robin said...

Great!! I'll be in touch soon. I've spent too much time on the computer today alreay. :)