Wednesday, October 25, 2006

We're back

We just got back from Indy for the visit. It was not bad at all. It was basically an intake appointment. We just answered lots of questions. Austin did alot of the talking. The Dr. ruled out Autism (which I really wasn't too concerned aobut) because his social skills are extremely good. He is very articulate, he makes lots of eye contact. He is however, worried about the anxiety and temper problems he has. I personally feel that the anxiety causes the outbursts of anger. I think things just bother him soo much that he has these outbursts. We go back again in a few weeks to see this guy again, then he is referring us to a doctor to work on medication for him. Hopefully, that will be quick.

He is such a good kid. I'm glad we are finally getting help with him. He has got so much potential, and without a little help, he'll be a mess.

I ended up taking Zach along for the ride, because the kids got out of school early today, and I didn't have a sitter. They were both great in the car, and very well behaved in the office, and everywhere we went. It was not stressful at all. Praise the Lord for that. I was worried, since I had to wake them up so early, that they'd be a little cranky. Not at all.

Thanks for the prayers in advance.


Anonymous said...

I will continue praying for him!! ((hugs)) for all of you!

Free In Christ said...

Thank you! I much appreciate, and I'm sure he does too.

Karen said...

We're praying that Austin gets the help he needs and continues to blossom as he grows in grace. God has great plans for him!

Gabrielle said...

HI! Im not sure that I know you, but thats totally ok. THank you for the comment. Have a great day and God bless!

Grafted Branch said...

I'm praying. So good to hear how the Lord blessed your difficult day though!

God bless you and Austin!