Sunday, October 01, 2006

Thanks Grafted Branch

Thanks to my friend, Grafted Branch, at Restoring the Years for giving my detailed instructions on how to add links. She is wonderful at explaining things. I am not realy computer literate, if you will, and she has helped me twice now.

First is was how to add links within a post. Like how I linked her blog with her name above. And now adding my list of blog links in my sidebar.

A million thanks.

**Don't you just love her blog name. Grafted Branch. Here is her great explanation of why she chose this name. I love it, wish I would have thought of it first. LOL!!

1 comment:

Grafted Branch said...

Ha ha! Look at you GO! You're making me giggle over here with all your linkin' to posts and linkin' in sidebars...

Glad my help was helpful (I was concerned I was speaking from inside my head again. I tend to do that; it "throws" people sometimes.)

Blessings to you, Melissa. Good to read an update from you.