Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I'm a wild, drinking, abusive parent with tattoos! NOT!!!!!

Crazy isn't it. Let me fill you in on these comments.

Yesterday my friend Becky called me and told me that someone was giving her a hard time, because she had chosen (well, God chose--another story for another time) to start coming to church with me and leave our former faith family also. Okay, well, this is the jist of what her friend asked her. "You were supposed to help win her (me) back to the faith--the truth--not go with her. Besides I'd heard she (me) had gone wild since she left and had tatoos, and stuff like that." Crazy right? Let me ask you this question, did anyone who said these things, or heard these things about me bother to call and see what was going on? NOT!!! It was just easier to continue to tell these stories. Let me tell you something else, I won't even get my eyes pierced, do you think I'm going to get a tatoo? NOT!!!!! People are so shallow and closed minded. UGH!!!

Now, here is the alcohol part. Today, I had to take Zach to the Dr. to get a refill on his perscription. Dr. Downey comes in and here is our conversation--well, maybe not word for word, but you'll ge the idea.

Dr. : "What's going on?"(very concerned like)
Me: "Not, much, just need a refill for Zach."
Dr.: "This isn't for Austin?"
Me: "No why?"
Dr.: "What's going on will Austin."
Me: "Well we went to Riley last week, and go back in a couple of weeks again. Why?"
Dr.: "Have you taken him to Winds of Change?"
Me: "Yes, why?"
Dr." "Your boys have the same Dad right?"
Me: "Uh, Yeah!" (very dumbfounded by this question--since we know him personally and
have gone to him for 4 years.)
Dr.: "Well, I got a faxed letter from Winds of Change, something about Austin being scared to go
to his Dad's because he drinks alot and is abusive."
Me: "Not my Austin. In fact I"ve not taken him there in a while, I found it useless, since we
were going to go to Riley."
Dr.: "Okay, I'm going to check this letter out again, and I'll show you."
He brings the letter in, and yes, it was about my Austin--but it was a BIG mix up.
Me: "Hey, (lightbulb moment) there is another Austin same middle and last name in this
county, and get this the only difference in their birthdays are the months they were
born. Same day and year."
Dr.: "How do you know this?"
Me: "Because when Austin was a baby I went to the health department to get his shots once,
and they tried to tell me he had already gotten them. I had to convince them he had not
and that is when I discovered this."
The Dr. and I just kind of chuckled about this when we figured it out. He immediately, while I was there, called Winds of Change and told them they were mistaken. Wrong Austin. So, I proceeded to tell him the other things I'd learned this week about myself. Great laugh. He told me I'd probably better lay off the alcohol and quit abusing my kids. LOL! I told him the only alcohol I've ever tasted was communion wine--and that was only once--every other church we went to served juice.

Boy, am I thankful for a Doctor who does know us well, and he believed me when I told him "Absolutely NO was my husband a drinker, and definately not abusive." Crazy huh! I'm just so glad that I had the appointment today, or who knows what would have happened.

Just thought I'd share the funny story with you all.

So, truthfully, I'm am not a drinking, abusive mother with tatoos. And YES, all my children do have the same father.

I got a chuckle out of this today. Hope you do too.

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Heather said...

I am so glad you could laugh about this...I was so hurt for you...until I read to the end. How awful for this other Austin too!!