Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I'm going to be bad today! It's okay though

Today I am off of work. Jordan and Austin had eye doctors appointments. I just took them to school. My house is a mess, like usual. However, I have some things I'm going to do instead of cleaning at the moment.

Jordan has grown so stinking much that his jeans I just bought him when school started are getting too small--good thing he only has 2 pairs. Therefore, I'm going to go to the mall today. I love to buy the boys jeans at Old Navy, and besides I'll go to Kohls also. Those are my 2 favoritest stores well, besides Wal-Mart. I have returns to all 3 stores actually, so off I go to enjoy my day off. I guess I'll pay for it later. I am hoping to get back just as the boys get out of school. You know we live FAR from a city with the stores I like to shop at, so it will not leave me with much browsing time, but that is okay, I really don't have alot of extra $$$ to spend at the moment.

Oh, by the way, yesterday was a wonderful day in our house. I'll post a story about it later. It is amazing what the Holy Spirit can do through us when we are not looking at ourselves.

Have a great day.


Robin said...

Good for you! I hope you had a wonderful relaxed day. Getting something done at he same time enjoying. I can't wait to hear your story about yesterday.

Grafted Branch said...

Hey, pick up some for my Fifi while you're there, will you? I hate the mall. And shopping in general. In fact, I don't call it shopping -- it's just a primitive necessity, so I call it hunting and gathering. ;)

Heather said...

Melissa!! I am so glad you had a wonderful day...God is sooo good. I am looking forward to your update!