Friday, September 22, 2006

I'm Back--if any one is interested that is!

Well, It has been quite while. I've had lots of thoughts, and no time to post them. UGH!!

Last week I ended up working 3rd shift the entire week, as someone quit. It really wasn't that bad though. I was able to sleep while the boys were at school and Rob at work, I woke up shortly before they'd get home and do the normal evening stuff. You know, homeowork, housework, cooking. All the fun stuff. It was nice because I got off at 6am Friday and had the entire weekend off. AHHHHH!!!! We went to see a movie with the boys on Friday evening, and then Saturday I got Austin's birthday picture taken. Okay, Okay it was only 2 months late, but whose counting. He did real well also. Sometimes he likes to be a little difficult. Rob was sick this weekend though. He has bronchitis. Not fun. I made him go to the ER on Friday night. He was having such a hard time breathing, and I knew he needed to get some meds in him before he went back to work this week. He is doing much better now.

Sunday I was able to go to Memorial Baptist Church. Praise God for that. I miss going there so much. Rob has been interim Pastor for a few months at a Congregational Chruch, and we've not been able to be in Sunday services at MBC. It was so refreshing to be among those of like faith.
This Sunday will be our last Sunday at New Liberty Cong. church. I will miss the people, they were very kind to us while we were they. They are good people. And I pray that they will find a pastor soon.

My friend from work came to church with me on Sunday. It was pretty exciting for me. She is from my former faith family. God has opened her understanding to the real gospel message. I count it a privelage to be a part of her life. I get so excited when I see someone begin a new life in Christ alone. God is so good to us. It has been, and will always be, my prayer that God will use me to be a witness to those held in bondage to a legalistic religion. I so totally understand where they are coming from. God has done so much in my life, and I just want to share it with anyone who will listen. Let me tell you the neat part of it. I had published my testimony on my blog a while back, well, I just happened to print a copy of it, because there was someone I had wanted to share it with, and then I didn't see them. Well, it was in my purse, and my friend and I got to talking, and I just handed it to her, and said, "here, this will hopefully explain to you the change in my life." That is the begining of this story.

Well, back to the "reason for not posting", this week on Monday. A transformer, or maybe 2 or 3 blew in UC and it fried my computer. So, yesterday I had to go and get it fixed. Thankfully it was under warranty and didn't cost anything but gas $ and time.

I'm sure I'll have more to say later. I really need to utilize my day, and get some things done in the house. I do have to work this weekend.


Karen said...'s so good to have you back in blogdom! I've really missed hearing from you and Heather. All of us have had so much going on in our lives recently! Tell Rob I hope he gets well soon...John is fighting the same thing! Love in Christ...Karen

Anonymous said...

Aw, how nice to say such kind words about me. You know you love me!

Grafted Branch said...

Glad to see you posting...I know you're really "swamped" right now. No pun intended, but that worked out well since you're in Florida with the alligators and all, right? lol.

I'm just teasing...I've no idea where Winter Park is. ;)

Grafted Branch said...

You're NOT in Florida!? That just changes everything....all this time you're on my Sitemeter from Florida so I just imagined sunshine and reptiles, big bugs and Disneyworld! How funny.