Sunday, September 10, 2006

LONG Weekend

I justwant to give a short update on my family.

My brother came home from the hospital on Friday night. He is doing somewhat better. He is still not able to eat solids. He will also have to visit this doctor that did the final surgery for a year, just to be sure things remain good for his liver. Thanks for praying.

My sister had the growth removed on Thursday in the am. We should get results soon. I'll post as soon as I know anything.

Now, let me vent.

I worked yesterday 10 hours so that today I could just go in and do my paperwork and deposit for the store and still go to church. Well, 2 people called in. I worked yesterday from 6 am until 4 pm. Then, get this, I went back in at 10pm until now, which is 9am. My husband and I decided it'd be best if I stayed home and slept, so as not to be grouchy with the boys this afternoon. Therefore, I must go to bed. I shouldn't even be on this crazy computer now. I just had to post the updates, and also share my frustration for people who don't think it is important to come to work when scheduled.

Enjoy your Lord's Day.

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Grafted Branch said...

Oh Melissa! That is an exhausting schedule you describe...I'm so sorry. I remember working that hard and never having before or since felt. so. tired.

I hope you get o/t pay! I know that the Lord will honor your integrity and hard work. I know your husband must feel blessed to have such a wonderful friend and helpmeet for his wife.

God bless you all.