Saturday, September 02, 2006

Not looking good for my brother

My brother was careflighted to University of Chicago Hospital last night around midnight. They are going to try yet another procedure. If this fails, he will need a liver transplant. Pleas pray for my family during this. I couldn't post last night, I was just a mess. I am thankful that I have comforter, the Holy Spirit, with me through this.

Please pray for strength for my family and salvation for them. My brother is only 38. Myheart is aching, thinking that he is not saved through all this. Maybe, just maybe this is that "effectual call" on his life.

In Christ

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Grafted Branch said...

Oh Melissa! I just just checking in to see if my directions were good for you. I am so surprised to see your brother's condition deteriorating -- and SO young (I'm 38) for such difficulties. I don't know him, but the Lord does, so I'm praying for your brother today. And you. Keep yourself resting in Him. I know you will.