Friday, June 09, 2006

It's been a while since I've posted. Life is extremely busy. I have been working full time, the boys are out of school, and of course it is summer.

They boys are sure enjoying Rob being home with them. He takes them fishing, fixes them big breakfasts (steak and eggs yesterday), and other fun stuff. They are not going to want him to go back to work that is for sure. It is good for them to have some time with Rob, he's always been so busy between the church and work, and now he doesn't have either of those things. Now, I know he'll go back to work eventually, however, we feel this is definately "the smiling providence of God" that he is off right now. He needs this time with the boys. Jordan is at such a crucial time in his life, and it is important for him to have good relationship with his parents. Of course the others also.

I was off work on Tuesday and Wednesday. We decided to go camping after I got off work on Monday afternoon. We had a great time. On Tuesday the little alarm clocks that we have, (i.e. Jordan, Austin, and Zach) were up bright and early (6:30am). Rob got up with them and took them fishing, he let me sleep, bless his heart. What a great guy! Jordan ended up fishing from about 7 am until almost 8 pm, only stopping for lunch because we made him. He so enjoyed his day. The little ones fished for a couple of hours, and them we took them to the beach. I'll tell you what, the beach is a wonderful place for kids. It is the best of both worlds, you can get dirty and wet all at the same time. Too much fun for them. We spent about 4 hours at the beach with them. Jordan was fishing just down from the beach, so we could see him during this time. At one point, I saw a car that had driven down into the grassy area where he was fishing, and I sent Rob over to check on him, because I just get a little freaked out at stuff like that. At any rate, Rob went over and talked to the man that had started fishing there, he was a nice guy. His name was Daniel Boone Story. Funny huh!

We are getting ready for our vacation. The boys are getting excited. We are going to Santa Claus Indiana. We will be camping at a campground down there, and spending a day at Holiday World theme park and Splashin Safari water park (there connected--one ticket). We've been to the park before. It is a great place. The drinks are free. Now, anyone with a big family would appreciate that. All the fountain drinks you can drink in a day for free. It sure beats the "I'm thirsty" complaints all day, and the $5 for a 12oz. cup. Austin has a count down going on. It is paper rings that he tears one off of each day until we leave. Funny! I just walked in his room and he has another count down, to his birthday. He has it taped as high as he could get it on the wall, it drapes over his bed and hits the floor. His birthday isn't until July 21.

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