Sunday, June 25, 2006

The Boys at Holiday World

Here are a few pic of the boys from vacation. I didn't really take many, I am always afraid I'll loose my camera when we are in busy places like this.

We had a great vacation. We spent 2 nights at Monroe Lake around Bloomington Indiana. It was a nice park. They boys, well Jordan, enjoyed the fishing and swimming at the beach. I have to admit, I really don't care for the beach. Reason, I don't like the feel of the sand on my feet, I feel dirty. Call me crazy, but that is just me. They boys love it though. We spent most of the day Saturday at the beach with Austin and Zach, while Jordan fished.

We ended up getting a new tent on Sunday. About 10pm Saturday night we had a horrible thunderstorm, well, our tent didn't hold up. It was getting old, and it just poured water through the rain fly, we all slept on wet beds. UGH!!! So, Sunday before we set up in at Lake Rudolph in Santa Claus, we bought a new tent. It was great. The boys tent held up great in the rainstorm. Evidently, there were 40-60 mile an hour winds during the storm, that is what made it so rough. It was kind of sweet, during the storm, as we are all sitting in our tent waiting for the storm to blow over, Austin says, "I think we should start saying Psalm 23" and proceeded to start reciting it. The other 2 joined in. Austin also said, "I think we should really concentrate on verse 4. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will
fear no evil,for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.
How wonderful to know that our boys are "hiding" the word in their heart. It was so encouraging to me.

We enjoyed staying at Lake Rudolph. It was kind of funny though. Santa is such a big thing there. Our boys don't "believe" in Santa, but it was a fun place to be. They have a post office. Can you imagine the mail they get at Christmas. Rob said he'd heard that there a a few ladies that volunteer at Christmas to answer the Santa letters they get. They wasn't much else in the town, except for the theme park, the campground, a small grocery, 1 gas station, and a few other small town things.

We went swimming alot at the pool at the campground. Austin got to mini golf, it was free at the campground. Jordan fished. We ended up spending 2 entire days at the theme park. We spent one of the days at the water park, and the second day part of the day was spent at the normal part and the other part at the water park. It was a great time. This park is so "family friendly" I couldn't believe it. Actually the enitre area was family friendly. We ate lunch both days in the park, because the cost was so reasonable. We spent less than $20 each day for lunch, now that is about McDonalds price for this family. They boys loved it. Jordan offered to pay for his ticket the second day, and the other 2 forfieted their allowance for the next 2 weeks to go a second day, so Rob and I only had to pay for 2 1/2 of the second day tickets. Great kids.

Me, Rob and Zach rode all three of the big rollercoasters. Austin rode 2, and Jordan rode 1. He said it just upsets his stomach too much. Zach rode the 3rd largest roller coaster in the world. Okay, let me give you my roller coaster story. I DONT do roller coasters, well I never did before. I rode all 3 they had. I think 2 things concerning this. #1) I have assuarnce of my salvation, IF I die, I know where I'm going, and #2) I think growing up I had so much underlying fear that I just couldn't handle any more. I thank God for the peace I now have in my life.

Well, we really enjoyed the time away, but, I'm always thankful to be home. The boys had a good time, not too many incidents. We did have to drive home through many rainstorms throughout the entire ride. We made it home safely. We were definately given travel mercies by the Lord. He is so faithful. I enjoyed being in the outdoors and enjoying all of God's wonderful creation. Okay, I'll be honest I didn't enjoy the spiders or the mesquitoes (sp).

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