Friday, June 09, 2006


Here is my Austin. He is great. He has a magnetic personality. He is a people pleaser. Everyone loves him. He is extremely smart, and a quick learner. Photographic memory. Knows all the right answers. Everyone loves him. He's been chosen for the gifted and talented class next year. Just look at him, he's adorable too. (okay, maybe I'm a bit bias)

Problem! He is ADHD. Extremely hyper. NO EXXAGERATION! He literally will climb the walls if you don't stop him. He can harldy write because he can't slow down long enough to do it. When he does write, he can't always read it later. He is on medication, and it helps somewhat. However, I just don't think it is the right med, so we went to the doctor yesterday, and he said "we should increase the dose", because we told him it seems to wear off in the late afternoon, early evenng. Okay, so now we've gone from 60mg in the am to 40mg in the am and pm.

Today Rob took the boys fishing. They were great until; Jordan got in Austins way. See he is fine as long as long as no one "gets in his way" (that doesn't always mean literally). Rob said he'd gone to the restroom, they were fine. He comes out and Jordan and Austin are attacking each other. Evidently Austin wanted a hook and Jordan wouldn't give him one immediately, and Austin just snapped. He hit Jordan, and of course Jordan hit back. Needless to say the outing was over immediately. Rob said as soon as they got in the car Austin sincerely apologized to Jordan for "flipping out and hitting Jordan". Of course they all slept the ride home.

Okay, when they pick me up from work, one of them (not Austin) try to tell me the story (which I'd already heard from Rob on the phone) and I tried to stop the conversation as to not "restart" the battle. Well, Austin says very, very sincerely "Mom, it's okay. It was my fault. I did hit Jordan for no reason." Well, I say to him, "that is wonderful that you can admit you were wrong and not get upset right now." He proceeds with this. "I just can't help it, sometimes things just go black, and I don't know what I'm doing." That absolutely broke my heart. The poor child has a problem, and I can just imagine that while he is flipping out, he knows it is wrong, and just can't stop until it plays itself out.

Okay, the reason for the long story is this. Please help us pray for this. Our doctor is trying to get us into a specialist to have some test run on Austin. However, we've tried before and insurance denied the work, therefore we didn't get it done. Also at the time he was doing somewhat better, so we didn't pursue it. He really needs some specialized help. Our pediatrician has done all he is comfortable doing without further tests. I also know that God can take care of this problem with a miracle, however, I also believe that God has given us a child like this for a reason. We would have never, ever, in a million years understood what it was like to raise a child like this without having one ourselves. I believe that God in all his sovereignty has given us Austin to help others some day.

Now, again let me tell you he is the greatest kid. I wouldn't trade him for anything. Please also pray for us as parents to be a help to him.

Well, I've way exceeded my limit for the day. It is late, and I work in the am. I am thanking you in advance for your prayers. You all are great. Posted by Picasa


Heather said...

Melissa, I will most def. pray! We had some struggles early on with Brianna, and now Anjolie. We discovered an extreme sensitivity to the food coloring red 40 and most of the yellows ...we just avoid food dye all together...and chocolate (it takes days to get out of their systems). My husband was on med. as a kid (for a day...his mom took him off), VERY smart, but had ADHD. We saw a tremendous difference when looking into food allergies. Sorry for the long post...but I understand your worry.

Karen said...

Melissa...I'll remember your prayer request. I so much enjoyed all the pics of the boys and hearing about their fishing fun. I love to fish's really great to have something you can do as a family and have such simple, good, clean fun. Love...Karen

Overwhelmed! said...

Your family will be in my prayers. And you're not just biased, Austin IS adorable!