Sunday, June 25, 2006

Austin Update

Ausin has an appointment tomorrow in the am. I guess we have to go to a counselor first, you know the insuarnce route. We've done this before. He will work with our doctor in helping Austin. Evidently, if he does not feel he can help, or Austin needs more specialized help, he will refer us to Riley Childrens Hospital in Indy. We are hoping that this will be the case. We've been this route before, and it does help somewhat, but I think he really needs more specialized help.

Something we are also going to check into when he goes to his regular doctor on Tuesday, is having them check his blood sugar. Rob and I, being slowed down on vacation, started to notice something. Austin doesn't eat much at a time, however, he seems to need to eat more often than any of us. His moods/temper seem to be magnified when it has been a while since he'd eaten. He doesn't always remember to eat either, because he is so hyper. We made a conscience effort to stop all activities at normal eating times, and we'd all eat together, so that Austin could eat. He is so extremely hyper, if we did not all stop, he couldn't just eat alone. Therefore, while on vacation (and since we've been home) we stopped to eat more often than usual. We didn't always eat much, but just to help the boy slow down. We noticed that things didn't bother him as much when he has some food in in system. Therefore, we are going to just ask our doctor to check his sugar, if it is normal, that will be great. We will just still have to remind him to eat. I hope that makes sense, I sometimes, have a hard time verbalizing my thoughts.

We've also considered, through advice of others, about preservetives, and food dye, contributing to moods. Before we conquer that area we are going to work on just making him eat more and making healthy snacks available, like cheese, and peanut butter, and believe me it is hard to find much the boy likes. I'm thankful that God has put people in our lives to give us advice or just thoughts to ponder (thanks Heather for the reminder of the food dyes) and help us remember things we've heard before. You know I don't take credit as being a "good" parent to realize the eating thing, I just really thank God that he shows us things, and makes us aware.

Just please help us pray for some answers with Austin

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