Saturday, June 03, 2006

Happy 12th Birthday Jordan

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Karen said...

Happy Birthday Jordan!!

I'm sorry I didn't get a card out to you. I hope it's a great day!

Lots of love...


A Bishop wife said...

Happy Birthday!

They do not really grow up do they?

Happymama said...

Well, first of all...Happy Birthday, Jordan.

I found your blog through Heather's...I've been saying that a lot this morn. :) I just wanted to say that I read your testimony. It was really sweet. My best friend was brought up in the UPC in Gastonia, NC and is no longer in it. For one thing, it was just too hard for her to "live right." She doesn't understand that it's by Christ's blood alone that she is kept in salvation. But I know through much prayer, she will find her way. AMEN!
I have a lot of the beliefs in my own life concerning my dress and places I do or do not go, but the Bible says we are to work out own salvation. I'm glad you shared your testimony. It was a blessing and encouragement.
BTW, your toenails were lovely!

Heather said...

Melissa ...I hope everything is ok!! Miss you! Heather