Thursday, July 17, 2008

Okay, it has been a while, guess a long while. Almost a month actually. Lots and lots have happened since then. You didn't even know the boys went visiting for 12 days.

They stayed most of the time with Rob's Aunt--the one with boys the same age as ours. They went camping with his sister Jenny--the one who recently left the UPC also-and her family and some friends. They went over 4th of July weekend. What fun. Dean bought some fireworks, the kids thoroughly enjoyed that. The went to see the fireworks somewhere, and they could see the Sears Tower from where they sat. I guess they were on some high hill and could see firewords from about 10 cities at once. How awesome is that. They spent a few days with Rob's parents. They had fun while they visited everyone, but they sure love to come home. They went to church with Aunt Paula and her family, and they decided they missed our church. Funny, because they weren't too happy about the most recent switch, but evidently they have started to enjoy it, because they missed it when we were gone.

Rob and I had a nice weekend the first weekend they were gone. We had tried to go and eat at TGI Fridays in Indy the day we dropped them off, but it was closed for remodeling--how frustrating. We ended up at Applebees which turned out just fine. On the way home from Indy we stopped at Dairy Queen--see you can do that when there is only 2--it is costly when there are 5 of you. We ran into people we hadn't seen in forever. How awesome is that. We got to talk to Carol a lady that we met while attending Memorial Baptist in New Castle. It was nice to catch up with her. We also saw a teacher from the boys scholl--the teacher Zach absolutely loved. The rest of the time we enjoyed having a clean house. We cleaned it--super duper cleaned--on the Sunday we left and it stayed clean the entire 12 days. We even ate at home this time. Rob was thrilled with the fact that the hand towel remained in place in the bathroom until one of us changed it to be washed. Funny I know, but hand towels in this house seem to disappear in about oh, 15 minutes after it is hung and that would be a good day.

Here is a funny story from my house while the boys were gone. You know that we are now the parents of 2 dogs. Well, they sleep with the boys, and with the absence of them, the dogs slept with us. Well, Miss Maggie evidently had a stomach problem. One evening she kept carrying her food dish to us, and we'd reluctantly give her some more food. She doesn't eat as much as you'd think for her size, and we were worried about underfeeding her. It was quit comically to see here carrying this bowl to us. Well, she never took care of business before bed time. She was so restless all through the night, a few accidents that we had to take care of in the night, and so on and so on. It was awful, we were up all night with a puppy. I thought my sleepless nights with babies was over. She is all better now, actually thankfully it only lasted one night.

I have some good pictures to post, however, somehow my boys took my cable to my digital camera to Illinois by mistake. I guess it looks just like the car charger for their Nintnedo DS and they took it, then while they were up there, they think it was mistaken for Daniel's cable to his digital camera. So, we need to find out how to get another one soon.

VACATION IS COMING!!!! Yeah. We will be taking the boys on the long awaited trip to Holiday World/Splashin' Safari.

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Robin said...

Sounds like you are having fun. I am very impressed by you for letting your boys go visiting. I say this because not all of your family believes as you do any more. I had a really hard time letting my kids go visiting with out me for different reasons. One reason was the distance and one was because I was jealous and wanted to be a part of every thing. In hind sight I wish I had not only allowed the visits to happen, but made sure they did.