Monday, December 15, 2008

Oh so much has happend since my last post. I will try and do a quick update.

The end of October was a sickly time for the parents that live in this house. That would include Rob and I, just in case you didn't know. Rob got terribly sick, he missed 2 1/2 days of work even. That is totally unheard of for him. He had parotitis. It is basically an infected salivary gland. No good explanation for what causes it. It was awful for Rob though. It causes extreme pain though. He was taking a strong pain medicine for about 4 days all day, and then in the evening/night in order to sleep. Not fun. Then no sooner than he got better, I got sick. Of course just started with a cold, and then led to a bad sinus infection. I don't enjoy those at all. I get one about this time every year. I lost my voice--well not completely--but I sounded awful for almost 3 weeks after I started taking the antibiotics.

We had to take Maggie to the Humane Society. It was an awful day for me. I just bawled like a baby when I left her. She had been put outside, and it was getting cold, I couldn't stand the thought of her being left outside and cold. We just didn't give her enough attention and we felt it was best to take her someplace where she could find a new home. I took her the Friday before Thanksgiving and she went to a new home on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I have had the opportunity to talk to the new family. They absolutely love her. They have 2 small children which is great for Maggie, as she is still a puppy and needs lots of energy spent on her. We still miss her, but I'm thankful that she is in a home that she is very loved. Remember, that we took her in after finding her in the park.

We went to Illinois for Thanksgiving/Christmas. We left on Thanksgiving day and came home on Sunday. Thursday was spent with my family. Mom made us all new quilts for our beds. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ours. The boys are all special for them. Jordan fishing stuff, Austin dinosaurs, and Zach tools. The one for our bed is a beautiful double wedding ring pattern in earthy colors. matches our bedroom great. While we were in Illinois I started to get a cold again, thankfully it didn't last as long and didn't require a visit to the doctor. The boys got a Wii for Christmas. We had to cheat and tell them, actually they have gotten it already, because of the Christmas we do at Thanksgiving with our families. We didn't want the boys to spend all their money on other things. We bought the system, which came with 1 set of controllers, and they had to buy anything else they wanted. They ended up being able to purchase a total of 4 sets of controllers and 6 games. We all have fun playing the system. We had a great time with our family while we were there. I didn't get any pictures since I wasn't feeling well, which is kind of stinky. But, life will go on.

We have finally gotten the tree and Nativity set up this past weekend. Haven't made any Christmas baking yet. Hopefully this weekend. Man, has this season come fast this year.

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