Wednesday, October 08, 2008

What a nice weekend we had. I was off work, Rob was off work and it was beautiful fall weather. The church was doing family pictures for a new directory. We participated in that by having our family picture done. The boys were not so excited, but we just did a little bribbing with Texas Roadhouse. DONE!!!! Know, imagine, I have 4 men in my house, pictures aren't the highlight of any day, much less a Saturday. Well, then to top it all off, this crazy Mom didn't get the boys pictures this year around their birthdays, like I've always done since they were born. So, we just added a stop at the park, not to play but to snap some pictures, to possibly use as their yearly pictures. They turned out great, I am hoping they turn out in print as well as they look by viewing them.

On Sunday I cooked all day. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fall weather. I love to cook fall foods, and all that jazz. I made a terrifice batch of Loaded Baked Potato Soup, a doulbe batch of Beef Stroganoff, some cookies, pumpkin cheese cake and spiced cider. YUMMO!! The house smelled wonderful. We've eaten well this week also.

I am hoping this fall we can get to a fruit farm. We didn't last year, because it just didn't seem right to go when it was 90* outside. Maybe, this weekend.


staceyhoff said...

Wow! Look at how much your boys have grown in just a year!~ I have missed your blog so much :)
Love you, bloggy-friend :)

Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

I second that! Especially that oldest one...he really shot up!

Nice to see a post from you, M.

Robin said...

Great pictures! Wow, your boys have grown.

Tara said...

Love your blog!!! other than short hair, you really do look the same as in highschool! Your children are beautiful!

staceyhoff said...

Waaaah I was hoping for a new post. No such luck today. But I'll keep on checking :) I'm just as guilty, I haven't updated mine since Nov. 2nd!! Lol! I need to get on that. Now if I can just stop reading everyone else's blogs long enough to update my own bloggie....:)