Monday, December 15, 2008

Yesterday we joined the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. The church is in Muncie Indiana, we've been attending since last February or so. Anyone whose been reading my blog for any time knows that we've been on a LONG journey in our faith. We left the UPCI 3 years ago officially, and prior to that we'd been praying and studying Gods word. God has shown us so very much. We have been to several churches. Non-denominational, Reformed Baptist, Congregational, Presbyterian and finally Confessional Lutheran. Last January we were baptized as believers in the Presbyterian church and became members. Actually we only had wanted to be baptized and in order to be baptized we had to join the church. Even at that time there was a few things we were still questioning and then through yet more studying and prayer God led us to the Lutheran church. Rob had been listening to some podcasts and was learning so much. He had been listening to The Whitehorse Inn and Issues Etc. to name a couple. We have decided that for us this is the church we will be a part of, basically because of what we feel is the proper distinction of law and gospel.

There is so much I'd love to post about this, but I will have to do that at a later time. I've taken so much time from my family this evening, just by posting what I have. This season has been so busy for us, and I haven't spent enough time with them. I have so many, many thougths running through my head right now, I can't wait to post them, or at least try.

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