Thursday, May 10, 2007

Things are busy here, as usual. Actually, I haven't been blogging too awfully much, because of the time it takes. I can be "obsessive" at things like this. I can sit for hours on the computer, reading, thinking, reading, searching, blah, blah!!! Well, at any rate, I do have a husband, 3 growing boys, a house, a dog, a job and all that jazz. I just have figured the time I (waste) use on the computer, I really could be engaging in conversation with my boys, reading my Bible, cleaning the house, doing laundry, or any number of other things. You know I really don't want my children to remember me as "always on the computer". Okay, Okay, I've rambled enough.

I really have a few things to update on my life.

Tomorrow my husband will find out if he is getting a new job. He applied for a job for the Street Department here in our town. It would be $1.50 an hour more to start, then after 3 months he will get a another $1.50 raise. We could handle that. At any rate, with the raise after the 3 months, he would be on call for an entire week out of each month. Well, we are so used to that. He was on call at the funeral home, every day, all the time. No exaggeration, so I think we will be able to live with that.

Austin is doing much better overall. He is sleeping better, which in turn makes his days better. We have been only giving him his afternoon meds on occassion, like if we need to go somewhere which would require focused attention for him. So, I think we've only used it 2 times in the last 10 days or so. Rob and I are really trying to parent using the "gospel" as our philosophy. (I'm not sure if that came out right or not) We had a nice conversation with Austin on Sunday afternoon, while Jordan was at a youth function. We have decided to not continue--at least for the time being--with the anxiety therapy. We talked about how we (as in all 5 of us) need to really learn to depend on God to help us more than we have in the past. We are going to turn to the scripture when we are havin "anxiety issues". God made us the way he wanted us, so we need to learn to trust him to help us get through all this. Austin was in agreement. When we talked we told him, if he is not comfortable with how it works, to let us know and we would rethink things if need be.

Jordan got accepted to go to a Science Camp for 2 weeks this summer. He is very excited about this. It includes an overnight camping trip and trip tot he Zoo. One of the main reasons we decided to let him apply was that his Science teacher this year is a Christian, and his wife taught Jordan in preschool, and his daughter babysat for us before. At any rate, that is the only reason we'd be comfortable with him going away overnight. I know, I know, I'm probably more protective than most, but there are many reasons for this.

Next week Jordan has a dr. appointment in Indy in the afternoon. Well, Rob is going to take 1/2 day off and we are all going to go together. I'm looking forward to this. We are going to make something fun of the day. We've not done that lately.

That is it for the time being. Have a blessed day.

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