Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Zachary!

**Beach cake. Rice crispies for sand, milk duds for rocks, laffy taffy for beach balls, volleyball net, and floating mattress, sour peach and apple rings for inner tubes, teddy grahams, Kit Kat and a ghiradelli chocolate square for lifeguard stand (I didn't have the back on the chair inthe first picture--I was afraid it would fall off before this evening), swedish fish aqua life for under the water.

Zach turned 8 on Sunday. We had cake, ice cream and presents today. Austin helped be "design" the cake. It was fun. Lots of fun ideas. Austin and Zach helped me decorate it. It was a beach scene. Zach is a beach baby. He loves the water and sand. Zach is outside enjoying some of his gifts right now. Baseball!

**I finished my Subway Management Class today. It wasn't so bad. I think I passed the test anyway. I hope I did. I'll find out soon enough. It was fun to learn new stuff. I think it will help me do my job more effeciently. I am one of those people who have to know the ins and outs in order for things to make sense to me. I need to know why I do something, rather than just doing it.


Robin said...

Great cake!! You guys are very creative.

Grafted Branch said...

WOW! What a cake!

Happy Birthday...