Thursday, May 24, 2007


Okay, I must make a correction. My husband starts his new job on MAY 29. I'm not sure why I keep wanting to say and type September. DUH!!! Today was his last day at the lumber mill, so he'll have a 4 day weekend.

Thanks, Karen, for asking me about that today. Also, I sure enjoyed luch, and I hope I didn't talk your ear off. I sure have missed seeing you. It was so good to get together.

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Grafted Branch said...

O.k. This is the right place to tell you that your sidebar lists Becca's LiveRjournal, when I think you actually mean Livejournal.

I once clicked over there expecting to read of God's faithfulness to someone struggling against liver disease. LOL!

I hope you're laughing. Or at least smiling? ;)