Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Just a few updates on my life lately. Not a lot going on but just some little stuff.

Austin has a goal of like 10-12 AR points for reading for the month of April, and as of last week he had 62 points already. When his teacher asked why he had so many points he said, "well, I can't sleep so I just read all night." Too funny! He is not kidding when he says that either.

Zach will be 8 years old this week. WOW!!! My baby. He is excited about this event. Also, he says he can't wait for school to be over, because then he'll be in 3rd grade. UGH!!!!

Jordan made the A-B honor roll this grading period. He was so excited when he got his grade card. We have a Honor roll breakfast Thursday morning. I will be attending that with him. He is thrilled.

I have been in a manager class for Subway this week. Most people wouldn't find it interesting. I do. Lots of number crunching.

We have made another church switch. It is good though. It has nothing to do with being "disgruntled". We really enjoyed the church we were attending, and learned so much from them. It was a great stop on our journey. We have been on this incredible journey for the last 2 years. God has lead us to such deep truths in his word. We feel extremely strong about the covenant between God and our family. The boys were a little unsure about it, they need constants, and this is something new. They did, however, enjoy church. We are thinking we have finally come to the end of our church journey, and we are hoping to be baptized and join this church. It is a little closer of a drive, it is 35 minutes vs. the 55 minute drive we did have. Again, it was not a change for bad reasons, we were so not upset about anything at the church we were attending, other than we wished we could have been more involved, but the distance was too much for that at this time. The church we've started attending is Christ Presbyterian-Richmond. It is a PCA church. We are really excited about this move.


Dana said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!!!!! Congrats on your church home! I know our hour drive stops us from a lot of things.

Grafted Branch said...

Awesome work!

Happy birthday!


Good job!

God be with you and guide you.

In that order. ;)

Robin said...

I'm anxious to hear how church is going.

Happy birthday Zach!