Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jordan and the doctor

Today I took Jordan to the doctor---again! At any rate, I just htought I'd share this little tidbit.
He is only 12--well, he'll be 13 in June, but he is 5'5.25" and 153lbs. WOW!!! Rob and I are only about 5'2-3". He is bigger all around than Rob was the day we got married. Isn't that funny.

We are going to try a new med for Jordan also. It is nice that he is old enough to answer all the questions for himself, well I do have a say so in this also, but he can truly answer how he feels. Also, how he gets frustrated with himself and the impulsive behaviour that he can control, and then feels much guilt afterwards.

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staceyhoff said...

does Jordan have ADD? Just wondering, because my oldest son was diagnosed ADHD and he has similar struggles. He is 12 now.