Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Pizza anyone?!

I made this fun pizza for treats for the boys Wednesday Night Bible Study class.
It is just this:
*Rice crispy treat crust
*frosting--tinted for sauce
*gummy savers--red for pepperoni and cut up *green for green peppers
*Chocolate covered peanuts--sausage
*Sweedish fish--anchovies
*chocolate sprinkles--seasoning
*white icing squeezed from baggie--cheese
The kids think this is pretty cool. Just thought I'd share my creation.


Grafted Branch said...

I'm truly torn as I imagine chomping into this one! Looks beautiful, but it's going to take some retraining of the brain that is expecting mozzarella and dough. lol.

Heather said...


Dana said...

That's adorable! I should make that some Valentine Day!